Initiative Overview

Under the MHEC Master Agreement, Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) will sign a master contract with Docufide. Each institution will sign a school agreement with the vendor. The basic cost of the service is covered for three years by the grant. Kansas Public and Independent Colleges can participate. Basic services include:

  • Installation fee for the institutions
  • Single Sign On Integration
  • Web Services Integration
  • Standard Template with Customized Layout (Legends, Logo/seal, Signature)
  • Payment Capture
  • Transactional Reporting
  • Training and support (technical, customer, and administrator)
  • Institutions can apply surcharges to maintain revenue stream (service fee applies)
  • Fee subsidy for students

In accordance with the MHEC agreement, during the contract period the student pays:
Institutional surcharge (unique to each institution) and one of the following:
    Sent from Kansas to MHEC states electronically - no additional fee
    Kansas to Other states electronically -- $2.55
    Paper (sent by Docufide on security paper) -- $4.25