Technical Funding

Charge to the Technical Education Authority (TEA) from the Kansas Legislature:
From KSA 72-4482 "...(11) (A) develop and recommend to the state board of regents a credit hour funding distribution formula for postsecondary technical training programs that (i) is tiered to recognize and support cost differentials in providing high-demand, high-tech training, (ii) takes into consideration target industries critical to the Kansas economy, (iii) is responsive to program growth and (iv) includes other factors and considerations as deemed necessary or advisable; and (B) establish and recommend to the state board of regents the rates to be used in such funding distribution formula."

Regents' Charge to the TEA Budget and Finance Committee:
To develop and present recommendations regarding any statutory and/or budgetary amendments necessary to achieve implementation of a new approach for State funding of technical education by fiscal year 2012.

Institutional GAP Calculation - Annual report showing the difference between the KBOR Cost Model/Funding Formula calculation for a selected data year and actual appropriation distribution received by each institution.